About Engin


A love of the bicycle is the heart and soul of Engin Cycles. Our mission is to build titanium bicycles that appeal to people both as a work of craft and as a machine that can be ridden and ridden often.

Drew Guldalian, Builder and Designer

Why Choose Engin Cycles?

Each and every Engin bicycle is built with the individual rider in mind. Design, fit, tubes, construction method and aesthetics are all taken into consideration to deliver the rider a truly custom machine, with our passion for the craft and sport apparent in every detail.

Bicycles Offered

The goal of Engin is to make a premium bicycle, and we believe in building the bicycles that we know the best. Engin knows what it means to ride a well-built and tightly-fitted hardtail mountain bike, light and fast road bike, bomb-proof tourer or commuter, or even get off the beaten path on an adventure bike or grinduro. These are the bikes you will want from us, because we are uniquely familiar with the geometry and specifications of these bicycles. We also aim to find the perfect component package and, if desired, hand-built wheelset to meet your specific needs and riding style.

All About the Process

We are constantly looking for ways to improve upon our bicycles. It is this mentality along with an ever-growing machine shop that has allowed Engin to fine-tune some of the more intricate aspects of a bicycle. For instance, Engin developed, in-house, purpose-driven mountain bike dropouts with increased stiffness and less weight, road disc dropouts that utilize the newest braking technology standards yet look and feel better than the competition, custom crank spiders to allow for greater drivetrain customization, lightweight two-bolt seat collars, we're even making our own bottle bosses and bolts. Engin was also a key player in the development of the T47 bottom bracket shell, which marries the idea of a BSA bottom bracket with an oversized shell to allow for 30mm and larger crank spindles. Our most recent improvement has been the development of a mountain bike chainstay yoke that allows for large tire and chainring clearance without needing a large q-factor crank.


Titanium bikes are available in all categories and are made with as much domestic CWSR titanium as possible. All titanium bikes are finished with a media that produces a satin finish which is easily touched up over the years with scotch brite and Pledge. From there you have the option of an etched logo (included) or ceramic coating (additional). While the etched finished is smooth and classy it does not add any color to the bike. The ceramic will allow for a wide range of colors and a bit of personality to the bike. Ceramic is also much more robust than traditional paint, and will not chip easily or wear as quickly. The weight of the titanium bikes differ per person but on a whole they are 25-30% lighter than a similar bike that would be made out of steel.