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2018 Philly Bike Expo Coverage

Another year has come and gone, and the 2018 Philly Bike Expo is in the books! We got another great round of coverage of the Engin bikes featured in this year's show.

The Radivist took some great photos and did a nice write up on the purple all-road machine - check it out here.

James Huang of Cycling Tips posted some photos of the rest of the Engin booth here, as well as several detailed shots of the bike currently in his hands for a long-term review. We'll be sure to post a link to that review as soon as it's published.


Feature on The Radavist

The Radavist ran a nice feature on Ryan's 27.5" hardtail following the Philly Bike Expo last month - this will bring you up to date on everything going into the 27.5" and 29" MTB's.


Basic updates

I have been more than terrible at updating the blog.  Often I want to take it down but I have this feeling it could come back again (you know what is old is new again).  I have been so busy since the last post it is not even worth trying to catch up.  Instead I will just say what is new and great.  All mtb bicycles have the option of 12mm thru axles now.  Available in 142,148 (boost) and 157mm spacing.  The 157mm spacing is not very common but might become more so in time.  The boost is quickly becoming what might be the new common width for most mtb's.  

All road bicycles are now available with disc thru axle as well.  I have made a disc specific flat mount drop out that is IMO a great drop out.  It has some future proof abilities and really uses the flat mount idea to its potential.  It allows for a shorter chains stay length since the caliper itself is smaller.  Keeps the brake on the inside of the rear triangle allowing for fenders and racks to be mounted with ease.  Available with both thread pitch options which means either a closed cam or a lever style skewer can be used.  I am working on updating the actual website to show and explain all this in detail.

If you are ever curious of the happenings in the shop follow the instagram link as it is updated just about daily with images from the days work (or something fun I did with my son since he is so cool).

Thanks for reading.