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OK before I include a link I want to tell a story and have the context of a quote better explained.  When in the bike shop we cater to all likes of folks.  $300 hybrids and up.  This is the way it is and I have no issues with helping people pick out there new bike that will hopefully allow them to enjoy cycling on the weekends.  Every now and then someone comes in and does not know or care that we as a shop are very into bicycles and make it our job to know the most we can.  The interweb has allowed lots of people to find lots of information.  With this information people can tend to stop listening and just wait to talk.  Then comes my comment about how these people could gain more info since (in a joking manner) I forgot more at breakfast about bicycles than they will ever know.  Again it was a joke that had some truth but still said as a joke.  Now the link:

It is a nice piece and a good topic (stuff made in Philadelphia) but bummed stuff got taken out of context.  It is hard showing your passion and not having it come off as stand offish.  I just really like making stuff.  The comments are nasty at times but I guess it comes with the territory of being on the internet.

Cheers and lets see if I can get the jist of the new blog layout,