There is a reason I charge 3 times as much for stainless.

Not sure if people notice but 953 bikes take forever. It is like building 2 bikes and even then it takes more time than 2 bikes. I started this bike during the holidays which was kind of weird with time and then I got sick but still it took almost 3 weeks to make. That is insane. I charge $3500 for just the frame and $500 for the stem. The fork is only available with the lugged bikes and I also charge $500 for that. The seat post is the only part that is standard at $200. I realize this is kind of sticker shock but I hope people have seen the amount of work involved with making one of these bikes and feel it is a worth while purchase. I only build maybe 3 or 4 of these each year but really like the feeling of getting it done and sending it off for finish.

Drop outs done

Finished fillets

This bike is 99% done and will go off to Spectrum tomorrow. I ran out of 80 grit shop roll and will have more tomorrow AM to give it one last once over.


Kevin's MTB is next.