Welcome to the new year. I am excited about this year and have some really great bikes in the queue. It is a heavy MTB year including 4 stainless bikes in the works. They can be real time bandits but the toil is usually worth the effort.

I traditionally spend the month of January preparing for NAHBS and getting all the bikes done. I have somehow finished 4 of the bikes and only have the finish work for the tandem to remain. I will also be bringing some bikes in the raw if I can get the freight container all worked out and have enough space for more product. Once you are sending a crate that might weigh 1,000lbs you may as well make sure it is full of everything you want to bring.

This week I am going to revisit the idea of making some titanium bikes. I have come to grips with the fact that I need to aesthetically change the bikes to make sure the bike is stiff enough and does not need items that are essentially unobtainium (tapered Ti stays). The only part that needs to be worked out is the tire clearance. Making a stay with large tire clearance (2.55") is near impossible with a 7/8" round stay. In the end though, the bike should be rather cool and the person that will be riding it should offer a good dose of abuse!

I have also received the first batch of front plates for the new 4 bolt stem that has the E engraved in the front. I think it turned out great and kudos to Mark Norstad for great work once again. Once the full batch is done I will have them in the same 4 colors as the seatpost hardware (black, blue, red and silver). Here is a shot of them in the silver color.

Stem front plates

Here is the next stem getting ready to be built that will also sport the new front 4 bolt system.


Heat is official and it is a real dream to come into a shop that is already at 50+ degrees in the AM. Here is hoping it can remain this way even when it gets to be 20 degrees outside! Check out this AM statistic.

Morning temp (like tropical!)

Cheers and happy new year!