Hardest part about blogging

I find the hardest part of blogging is coming up with a nifty title that has not been used yet. When I was a cook I made a new soup every day except Friday which was always N.E. clam chowder. It got really hard after a year of making soup to not repeat (REAL HARD). Blogging seems to feel the same way.

Today I welded Lance's new bike and I think it turned out rather cool. It is a first for me since it is a single speed but does not have sliders. I love the low mount style drop outs and feel they have a great look. They are a touch limited in use since it is hard to use them on smaller MTB's but whenever possible they work great. This bike has an EBB to allow for chain tension.

The bike will get abused and hopefully loved while being ridden. Lance probably figured I would give him an "I told you so" since he ironically broke his other bike last weekend but I am just excited for him to get one of my bikes and I look forward to the feedback.

Here are some snapshots of the welding.

All welded

Seat cluster

Tire clearance

HT welds



EBB sucks...If EBB at all, then the bear minimum is a split shell.
The dropout is gorgeous, though.

Love you work Drew! Keep it up.

Not really into the negative comment but I will reply. The split shell design is great for tandems. The shell is heavily supported with the 3 large diameter tubes and the way tandems are ridden do not offer the insane torque on the captain shell (rarely ridden out of the saddle). A single speed MTB has TONS of torque at the BB and I am not comfortable splitting it in half. Using brass tipped set screws with a nice fitting shell (No tight spots from distortion) allows for infinite adjustment and has been proven to work. There are lots and lots of Phil Wood EBB's in the world and they all use set screws. Using basic junk screws that dig into the aluminum is the first reason people have issues. I could go on and on but IMO the only major downfall of the EBB is it is 68mm and that makes tire clearance harder.