2012 going fast

Wow is this year moving along at an insane rate. I can not believe we are into January with no snow and the big news being a 1" dropping tomorrow. That hardly seems news worthy to me. I am sorry for the lack of updates but I have been working on my house as well as making bicycles. It is hard since I feel I use a good amount of my creative juices at work and then I go to our house and need to keep up the same part of my brain while working on the house.

Currently I am installing a hardwood floor that is a salvaged basketball court from Chestnut Hill College. It is a cool hard maple floor but the time needed to work with the used wood is tough. bent boards, gunk in the grooves, cracks in the wood, etc, etc. I am hoping to get it finished this weekend and watch it take a beating for the next 30 years!

Currently working on Tolsun's 29R. He is expecting his first child sometime in March so we will see what shows up first. His baby or his new bike?? Either way when he finds some spare time in the spring he will have a new bike to go explore in the woods and have some personal time. Here is a few pictures of his new bike.

29R with gears and front suspension

Tons of tire clearance.


I also walked around the shop and took a few photos of the Monarch and its tools. I really love this machine.

Monarch 10EE 30" name tag

Row of tool holders

Old but WELL loved

Good old made in America

Also got the Ti 650b bike done and ready for some testing.

Final machining and then ride it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.



All very exciting news. All the Ti work is coming along nicely. I'm curious to see this old basketball floor too. Will it have the strips on it?

On a different note... what size T do you wear? I have something for you (soon).