Year in review

What a year. Being a parent has been a really amazing experience. I am struggling to find enough time in the day but it is all worth it. The bicycle industry had an interesting year with the economy below average and for us the weather was really rough. In the end we had a nice December and the weather gods paid us back for an awful August and spring.

I had to make a decision that was tough but I am not going to NAHBS in Sacramento this year. I am spending the money for product development and pushing hard to launch the Ti bikes for 2012. I am also in the middle of a home renovation and it is consuming all my extra hours. I might get on a plane and head out for the weekend to see friends but won't be an exhibitor.

The year was productive and fun plus I feel some rather cool bikes were heading out the door. One of the most rewarding was the Di2 bike. Not for the electronic shifting but for the rave reviews it has received from the owner and how he can ride all day now and never experiences any pain. He loves to ride and had just been pushing through the pain on and off the bike. It all went away with his new bike. That makes me really happy and proud. Mostly because he could walk into any bike shop and get any bike since he is about as average size-wise as a "Joe" could get. His bike however is nothing like the standard offerings except in its appearance. Small tweaks can go a long way.

This week I am building a 650B Ti prototype. The 650B seems to be gaining momentum after a small decline in interest. There are some new rims and tires which have really sparked new interest. Here are some shots of the bike during the fabrication process. I am going to clean it up today and get it welded.

650B Ti prototype


31.6mm (I.D.) seat tube insert

Lots of material removal to make that headtube

Cheers and Happy New Year.