NAHBS approaching FAST!

Man, where does the time fly?? I have been working and working and still feel like I will be going nuts up til the moment the van pulls out for Denver and I board a plane the next day to head to NAHBS.

Today I am welding Sally's titanium road bike which is getting the new Dura Ace 11sp. that bike getting done allows the fixture to be free to finally piece together the insane tandem project for Mark. That bike has been in the works for ever and it is finally time to get it all looking like a tandem. Then after that I have two more bikes to try and get done. It will be close but I think I can get it all done. Ed's bike is going to Todd today and then the tandem will follow. It is somewhat a organized chaos.

Not the warmest day in the shop but the heat always keeps it over 50 degrees which is nice. Next winter the ceiling will get fully insulated which will be a huge upgrade. Then I might be able to ditch the space heaters and work only with the ceiling mounted hot water heaters.

Sally's bike is getting the Firefly drop outs which is kind of cool for a few reasons. One is my new disc drop outs are being made by the same people that make them (Cantabrigian Mechanics) and were also designed by the same person (Peter Verdone). It is going to compliment the bikes in the both that have the new drop outs as well.

Here are some pictures of Sally's bike in the fixture. As I right this the stuff is in the ultrasonic cleaner getting prepped to be welded.

Make some caps

Beefy fast back!

rear stays waiting to get bent and some drop outs.

Got a delivery of titanium for making the chain stays of the mtb's. Custom drawn to my spec so the bikes have no compromises.

Titanium tubing

Thanks for reading and being patient while I lack the updates. After this NAHBS push I will get back on a better schedule.