25 hr days....

It would be great if the day was 25 hours long. Seems like no matter how much one works the day is always 1 hour shorter than you want it. Ed and I have been working to get all the bikes ready for NAHBS plus I have one last top secret project that still has potential to happen before I leave. It is going to require some very last day marathons but if all goes well it will be worth it.

I have both Ross's and Naomi's bikes done and will be at the show in the raw (rust and all) so people can get a look at what is under those incredible paint jobs Todd puts on the bikes. They are very similar bikes and will both be sporting the new rocker drop outs.

I have a poster that is sure to be a collectors item (no really) and will be selling it at NAHBS. It is not about me or my company but about the trade. Some people will find it offending and others will be all about it. I think they are very cool and I will put up a picture just before I leave for Texas.

Today is assembly of David's PBP bike. It has a beautiful candy apple red coating. The paint coupled with a Record 11 group sure does make for a nice bike.

Here is a teaser photo of.....on second thought no teaser.