Wiki Leaks!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I was hoping this would remain under wraps til NAHBS but with the interweb and all it was leaked. Here is the new drop out I will be using for all single speed mtb bikes. It has so many things going for it but the biggest for me is the chain stay mounted brake. I was involved in the development of this product through Paragon Machine Works and I am rather proud of the result.

This drop out looks great, does everything a horizontal (or rocking) drop out should and does not require a brace. I was really focused on removing the brace from my bikes. It felt like a band aid (although was very much required). I will have a few bikes at NAHBS that will feature this drop out so everyone should come to Austin to see it in person:)

Wiki Leaks!!!

Wiki Leaks!!!

Wiki Leaks!!!

And some welding:

BB welds

ST cluster

Groundhog day (which is also my brother in-laws birthday, happy birthday Matt) was a flop. I am so tired of this winter!