Wiki leaks Pt. II

OK this time I am leaking the goods. Since my first stainless 29R the real goal was to make a completely stainless 29R. It was not to make a lugged 29R, that was a result of the materials that were available. I have spent an incredible amount of time trying over and over to get all the items to make a complete stainless mtb. Today the light is shining at the end of that tunnel.

I have been working with the incredible people at KVA and they are super supportive of the whole mtb scene and are willing to put forth the effort needed to get everything available. Yesterday the biggest part of the equation showed up. The chain stays! I proceeded to buckle 2 sets (which everyone was prepared for) but then slept on the situation and came up with a solution.

Today I machined the remainder of the parts to make a complete stainless 29R. It will be a long weekend but if all goes well there will be a stainless 29R in the KVA booth at NAHBS. How is that for last minute??

Here are some spy shots of the bike and the work involved with making some of the parts.

Stainless 29R

Serious material removal

27.2 I.D. insert

Have a great weekend.