February update

Where to start? I have a laundry list of stuff going on and will try to make it all flow into one post. Speaking of flow here is a mtb I am building and the goal is to maintain a flow that goes from front to rear. It is a 650b mtb that is for someone who is vertically challenged which in turn makes for a bike with a tall front end but requires being low everywhere else. I like the result and hope Cassie rides the crap out of it.



I had one mishap--UPS destroyed a frame which set everything at paint back a touch, but we got the new frame back and it is really slick and is getting picked up by Mark today. I think he is going to be really happy with the bike and I look forward to all the times he rides it and has a smile the entire day.




I had a good week of people sending me very kind words about their bikes. I try to reply to all of them but sometimes I feel it is just nice to read the note and take it in. To all those folks who wrote to me recently I want you to know it is greatly appreciated.

here is the macro shot of the week:


There is a video floating around the interweb that is about the bicycles being made in the UK at Orange. It is done by the motorcycle racer Guy Martin. IMO he is a legend and I wanted everyone to see a different video focusing on the TT on the Isle of Man. He is the crazy mechanic that is working on the truck in the video.

I have a ton of respect for that fellow and how he is a "working" man who just loves to race his motorcycle. He is a heck of a bicycle rider as well!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.