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There is a thread on bikerumor that has some interesting comments. I will start with a link to the article:

I have no issues with the comments. It is a free world and everyone is welcome to an opinion. What does amaze me is how in the current age of endless information at your finger tips this person "jake" has let the keys fly without even looking for one second why a product is priced the way it is.

The stainless bikes I build take 3X longer to make than a traditional bike. The price is essentially for 3 bikes all wrapped up into one. Not to mention that I had an additional example of a bike that represents my everyday work and the price reflects that.

The interesting thing about the stainless bikes is that I build like 3 or 4 of them a year. People seem to love or hate them. The hate is almost always associated with the price. I have tried to streamline the process and it is the fastest I (and most anyone) could do it. Each bike needs tons of unique fabricating and there are just no short cuts.

One last thing before this starts to sound like a rant. Those bikes are NOT WALL ART. They are made to be ridden and beat on. It is a very proper mtb that just happens to look nice and unique.

Some photos of Sally's new touring bike so the post does not lack photos:

Sally's touring bike

Which joint has which filler???

HT weld with re-enforcement ring

Curved bridge



Some folks scoff at the high sticker price, but what they are not seeing is the hours and hours of shop time involved to build a frame with handbuilt lugs like this one (shoot, not to mention the time in the stem and seat post, and the additional material costs). Hand Jake a file, point him towards the shop vice and see what kind of an hourly wage he can generate for himself. I betcha that $3800 wouldn't get him too far.

You build a fine bicycle, Drew. Very fine indeed.

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