NAHBS report

Austin is one great town! The golden oasis that is in the middle of Texas. We had incredible service (hotel, coffee shops, taxi's, etc, etc) and much better weather than back home. The trip was short and very busy but Austin is a place I would not mind returning.

The show was good. The hall was much larger than years past and the result was a bit more spread out and less crowded. One would think that is a good thing but the truth is there was something cool about the smaller halls and a Saturday so busy that you could not even see the booth across the aisle from you. The people attending the show seemed very informed and interested in handmade bicycles. Hard to say if that is Austin or the education of tailor made bikes has really increased in the past 5 years.

There was the return of wall art which was kind of a bummer but there was also a huge selection of bikes that were designed and made to be ridden. I enjoyed bringing 5 (7 if you include the bikes in the raw) customers bikes that will get ridden hard and often.

I am terrible at taking pictures at these events but luckily there are reporters that do it for us. I got some good press on Cyclingnews yesterday. Here is a link:

Ed is still driving the bikes and stuff back. We should be back to normal in a couples days. Hopefully spring peaks its head as well!!