G.C. what does it stand for??

In the world that I spend my days the term G.C. is often used three times a year. It stands for General Classification and is the person leading the race in a stage event such as the 3 grand tours. So come July the term G.C. is used often. It represents the person "winning" the Tour de France. Recently the letters G.C. have taken on a whole new meaning. They stand for GENERAL CONTRACTOR.

My phone has become an extension of me where in the past it was something that I often turned off or just looked at towards the end of the day. Contractors, suppliers, scheduling deliveries, etc, etc. The dang thing never shuts up. On top of that I am one of the "contractors" doing some of the work.

We had this master plan that got heavily derailed by the lack of winter and the instant arrival of incredible weather. The bike shop is insane (which is a good thing right?) and it is March. Next week might see some welcome changes and the balance between work and my other job might become more balanced. We (the shop) have a new employee starting (his name is Dan) and the kitchen in our house might actually be done. This a huge for both the family and the shop. With some luck we might move in the house some time next month and I can get back to looking forward to the letters G.C.!

On top of all this I got REALLY sick by working myself into the ground and was forced to take a few days and spend them in bed. This really knocked me down. Unfortunately it seems like I have yet another cold but I hope this one is not as nasty.

Back to bicycle content. Here is a bike that is for a repeat customer. Carl's new bike is a commuter/light touring bike. It is getting disc brakes and will allow say 32mm tires with fenders. I think he will get many happy rides with it. Here are some shots from the shop.

Monster Cross?  Touring?  Commuter?

32mm with fender clearance

60mm rake


I also got a care package for the shop. This is two new drill chucks. They are one of the many ways you can maintain good tolerances in your machining. The old ones went back for a tune-up and to have the run-out checked and it was determined that they needed to get replaced. I look forward to the many years of service these new ones will give.

Nothing like a brand new drill chuck (or two)

I hope everyone is loving this weather and getting great bike rides in!