The new 30....

They say 40 is the new 30. Good thing since today I am 40. Or as my brother says it is my 20th annual celebration of my 20th birthday. I am not sure which seems older?? Never had any issues with turning 30 and now turning 40 seems even less dramatic. No time for a mid life crisis!

Had a very productive week with Carl's disc commuter. Got the bike welded all the basic brazing is done and now I am waiting for the Tubus racks to come in and the light so I can work on wiring and location of the mounts. Here are some pictures from the week:

Now the fun begins

I liked this image

Brazed crown race seat



For my birthday I got myself a dust collection system that I now need to get working on my table saw. So many differences with wood and metal but the main thing is how important dust collection is with wood. That stuff is nasty and I am sick of cleaning it up!

Next week I am going to get as much desk work done as possible. I need to communicate with the next three people (Tyler, David and Beau) about all the details.

March came and went lightning fast!

Cheers and hope nobody gets fooled too badly tomorrow.