Shop tunes

I usually listen to a local commercial free radio station WXPN while at work. Sometimes it is NPR but all in all this radio station offers a great mix of tunes and singer song writer music.

This week however it is a week in which there is a theme to the music. As I am still waiting to have all the stainless before starting a 953 lugged bike I bumped one more person. Steve is a huge Grateful Dead fan and has themed this bike the Dead bike. He even had a saddle custom covered with a logo that uses the "steal your face" logo and added the E for effect. It is rather cool for something that could be totally cheesy.

He also hand delivered at NAHBS (which is kind of amazing since he lives in Connecticut) a CD for listening when I work on his bike. It was the 1977 Cornell concert which is a REALLY famous concert. Cornell is also Andrea's alma mater which makes it even more special since she sure does love Ithaca. I do actually own a very large amount of Grateful Dead but it is all on vinyl and I do not have a turntable at work. He is sending some more music this week which I am rather psyched about. Hopefully something that has Wharf Rat since it is my favorite Grateful Dead song.

Here are some photos of Steve's bike and of course the cover art for the CD:

Bike made for speed

Fast looking back end

Chain stay mitering

Music for the shop

Have a great weekend.