Some stainless

I am working on a lugged stainless 29R now. It is at the request of the owner that I use the 953 tubes instead of the now preferred KVA stainless. The Reynolds is just crazy hard to keep an inventory on (this is my last actual tubeset) and they are really poor with meeting delivery times. The stuff is a great material but I really like the folks at KVA and their product.

With that said this bike is shaping up to be a very nice bike. The lugs are all prepped now and I need to weld/grind and shape them next. Once the lugs are made the bike can actually get constructed for the 2nd time. I made the seat post today and will be working on the stem tomorrow. The fork is actually going to get stainless fork legs (KVA this time) which should really top the bike off well. Here is some photos of the work and lug pieces.

Seat lug after some work

Seat post in fixture.

Seat post after brazing.

Long process for making lugs.

HT lug parts

We also got back a bike from Todd and he did a killer job making the Rocker's look super slick. I really like this paint scheme and color.

Rockers with some paint and masking.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new spring weather.