Terrible at updating

I find the less you update the blog the more it becomes an easy thing to avoid. I really was in a good groove and updating each week. Then you get busy and let a few weeks go by. I am now doing a monthly update which better not become a seasonal update and then a yearly update!

This month marks what I hope to be an end to a period in my life. Our house renovation is coming to an end. We hope to move in before the start of May. I am really looking forward to having a spare minute to sit back and reflect on what got accomplished over the past 5 months. Now there is still plenty of work to do and lots of stuff to make but it can all be managed while living there.

This week I am working on Beau's new bike. It is going to be a 29R hardtail that takes the place of what many would call a hybrid. It is going to be a full rigid hardtail and running some tires like a Nanoraptor or Specialized Fastrak. It should be a good all purpose bicycle. Apparently his father enjoys watching the flickr stream so I will try and get some good updates throughout the week. Here is the early stuff:

Seat Stays being bent now

Seat stays in fixture

Some random chips:

Chips from HSS cutter

Chips from a hole saw

This week we will be assembling this bike which should look real slick:

complete bike to follow

Hope everyone has a great weekend.