Better late then never

It appears that spring has arrived. Just in time for May which is rather late, but I will take it. Next weekend is my first (and only) attempt at making Andrea's first mother's day special. I was kind of hoping the tandem would we finished but that is on hold so I can get customers bikes back from paint. We can still figure out a nice day and hopefully include a bike ride with Jack in a trailer.

Today I went down to watch Andrea run the Broad St. run. Jack and I walked around and had a good old time people watching and trying to spot one out of 30,000 runners. It was hard but somehow we spotted her. It is a rather well run event and the weather could not have been nicer. What a beautiful day for a distance run.

This week I will be finishing the 953 bike and then onto the next 3 bikes which are actually all single speed 29r's. I am also making Ed a new front end for his full suspension bike so he can use a tapered fork and get a bb30 crankset. Plus he wanted a bike with a curved top tube!

ps- photo so the post is not lame:

HT lug