In the groove

I have been in a good groove. Got the 953 bike done and kept moving right along. I have Marianna's bike welded and fork welded. Now I will do all the brazing for both tomorrow. If time permits I will also finish her stem and make the seatpost.

The next bike I am building is kind of special. I have built bikes for celebrities and some rather high profile people but all in all I treated them with the same respect I would any other person in the queue. The next bike however is for someone I think is extra special and adds an incredible amount of soul to the bicycle industry. I won't give it away just yet but some clever people will easily be able to figure it out when I start his flickr set.

Here are some shots from the past few days while I was building Marianna's bicycle:

Wheel inspection

Head tube welds

Tacking the fork in the fixture.


Check out these super cool shelves I had made by my buddy Jim who is a cabinet maker. They are made from white oak and should hold up to a few hundred pounds each. It is all part of the endless quest for organization in the shop. This allowed a good bit of space for the tube roller. I also have been label crazy with all the hardware. It is like a mini McMaster Carr with all the hardware having a drawer with an item name. More pictures of that when I am done!

Never ending organization quest.