Guess who???

So who guessed who the bike I am building is for? It is kind of easy to figure out since there are some comments on my Flickr page that really give it away. Like I said it is someone that adds a huge amount of personality to the bicycle industry. He annoys some and humors many but few can deny he has created a following.

The bike is getting a new feature for me which I am very happy to try. I am always looking for ways to improve my bikes, but the one area that is the hardest to solve is bending your own chainstays that will work perfectly for the job. I tried and tried to work with the offered stays and eventually gave up and have had some stays made to my specs. These stays should offer the same tire clearance I strive for and increase the stiffness of the bikes in a way that few customers would complain. Here are some photos from the mystery bike with the new stays:

Frame mitered

Frame mitered

Nice looking rear assembly.

Here are some shots of the fork and stem waiting for construction:

NON suspension correct fork

Stem with a touch of rise.

The views on my Flickr page are staggering from one tweet that the owner made. It is like 400% increase from the norm!