More updates

Since this is my third post this month I feel it is fitting that it is an update more than a post of random thoughts. We (my family) have officially moved into our house so that is one thing that is behind me. In front of me is a list of bikes to make, a third floor to get finished and a bicycle to ride. Hopefully the bicycle does not get sidelined since it is what happened the last 6 months.

I got a wonderful letter in the mail (yes snail mail) from Cassie that made my week. She is excited about her new bike and I hope she loves every ride as much as the ones she has already had. I appreciate all feedback people give but obviously have a bias towards the ones like Cassie's.

This weekend I am building a frameset for Tom who will ride the bike to death (literally since his last one died from the rocks of State College). We are going to give suspension a try this time since rigid single speeds as fun as they are can be hard as your primary bike in State College. We are going oversized everything and giving up on everything that has anything to do with saving weight.

Lastly it was brought to my attention that I did not update the website for the delivery time. It has now been updated but I will repeat that it is over a year and rarely goes below. I usually have a cushion built in to that delivery time but this year I already exhausted that cushion so it is time to get building. With that said there are no photos with this post!

Cheers and hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.