Shop Snobs

So I might have mentioned my favorite movie of all time is High Fidelity. It is not for its cinematography or its incredible acting (although it is good) but it is for the fact that the movie is like a version of my life. The retail aspect of the movie is incredible and sings to me.

One scene that consistently gets mentioned is how we at the bike shop are snobs. I am not really a snob but I do know more about bicycles than all average folks. Now with the addition of Dan (the newest employee of the bike shop) I feel we have truly become the bike shop version of the record store in the movie. Everyone that works here is what I would consider masters of their trade and we all know incredible amounts about the bicycle. Here is the clip that shows an extremely exaggerated version of how we feel at times:

This Sunday I am officially moving in my house which is an incredible feeling. Long road but I have no intentions of doing it again so it was worth it.

This week I wrapped up Tyler's 29R so here are some shots from the week:





Thanks to everyone for the patience during my house renovation. It was much appreciated and I look forward to getting more time to both work on bicycles and ride them!



Good observation Drew. Sounds like you have a good crew at your shop. A little snobbishness is fine I think, as long as it comes with good customer service, which I'm sure it does at Wissahickon.

The shop now has a full time A team. That is a good feeling and combined with our service I agree dealing with our attitude is worth it. We are just confident and get upset when someone does not listen and is waiting to talk. That is the worst!

Funny, I was going to mention the A team in my initial post. There's way too much BS in the world of bike shops, not enough true professionals. I know you're one of the good guys Drew. Keep up the good work.