Technology upgrade

I am somewhat of a hypocrite when it comes to technology. On one side I tend to stick with good old trusty stuff like machines from the 40's, vernier or dial calipers, transformer welder over my inverter welder, etc, etc. I admit however that I like newer digital stuff like my Canon G10 and my iPhone. This week marks the end of our old desk top computer and DSL for the interweb. FIOS has arrived and I admit it is a killer change over DSL. It seems rock solid, fast and once the new computer arrives I think it will really shine.

The computer I am typing on is going to the Smithsonian for both being old and the most amazing computer on the planet. It has had a good life but it is now time to rest (well it already seems to rest a lot when I ask it to do things!). I suspect I will gain about 5 minutes per day with the overall speed and consistency of the new system. Those 5 minutes are very welcome since 24 hrs in the day is rarely enough.

Check out this paint job. I think it is killer. The pink and brown might not show up on the screen but trust me it is cool. This bike is a great combo of parts and I hope Tolsun enjoys riding the heck out of it.

Tolsun's 29R

Vertical logo

HT/Headset detail


I am also wrapping up Beau's bike and then on Monday starting Tyler's single speed. Here are some shots during the week:

BB welds

ST before brazing

ST sleeve brass brazed

Here is to seeing if I can get 2 updates in the month of May.