More Ti

I am finishing up the design of David's 29r and did not want to slow down on my post house renovation roll. I had all the needed items to get started on my next Ti bike so I went right to it. George recently got a new bicycle from me and told me after getting this bike that he would NEVER ride his other bike again. As much as this is a compliment it was difficult since I know everyone needs more than one bike:)

The bike he is now not riding was (is) titanium and I had the idea of getting great feedback from him on comparing the steel bike I made him with an exact replica from the standpoint of geometry and fit in Ti. The bike will have different parts and have many different qualities in the overall ride but the points of contact will remain a constant. I really look forward to the feedback and how he compares the steel to Ti.

Here are some photos of the bike in the fixture after all the mitering:

George's Ti beta road

Ti fast back

Big tubes, tight tolerances

After this it is back to steel and then onto some cross bikes for 2012.



I'd be happy to give you feedback on a bike like this! Wow, so beautiful, that George is one lucky guy.