Ride report and more

650B ride report and more. I have been riding the 650B bike and have come to some conclusions. Here they are in no particular order. Shimano has no competition. Stan's has no competition. Front suspension is a great feature but even better when it works. I have now replaced my suspension fork with the X-Fusion Velvet and am very impressed. That fork works great, damping is amazing, lock out works and the Syntace 15mm skewer is very simple. I will snap a few photos this weekend.

Now onto the wheel size. I think it is harder for me to compare as it has been a good while since I rode a MTB with gears and suspension but overall I feel there is little lost in the uphill traction and I still feel it rides great. To be totally honest I think running 20 psi in a tubeless tire (which also kicks butt thanks to Schwalbe) is what makes all mtb's more fun to ride. The wheel size is good and I think will get more and more popularity. Not much new to add to what I already knew but it feels good having a very personal opinion on the wheel size.

This past weekend I put in a bunch of extra hours and got another Ti bike in the works. This week I am going to start David's 29R but had a few extra days before it begins. I need to cut out and replace some chainstays on one bike but before I made the mess I wanted to weld and finish the Ti bike I was working on. Here are some shots from Dan's Ti bike.

Weld bridge then onto the drop outs

Locating the bridge

Ti welds

Ti welds

Dan is the newest addition to the bike shop and one of the perks of working is getting to be a tester of all new things Engin. His input will help me with all the final decisions on what is going to be offered with the Ti bikes. Plus he will be putting in the time on the hand finished brushed Ti. That should be a long and dirty job but we need to see how long it really takes!

All you dad's out there have a great weekend.