Ti 650b

So with the winter being consumed by my house I was a bit set back with my Ti prototyping. I had intentions to be up and running by this March but that came and went. Anyway with us moving I got right back to it.

Spent a few mornings at work and made a seat post, stem and handlebars to get this bike up and running. It is a 650b geared mtb with a 1x10 set up. The 1x10 is quickly becoming the norm. I am running a 30t front ring with a 11-36 in the rear. The 30t front really does offer an incredible range of gears. The new 2x10 set-ups tend to have 2 gears that I find lack a sweet spot. That sweet spot is a 30. The 30 requires a spiderless crank so I went with a White Industries and a Homebrewed chainring. You could also run a new Specialized carbon crank with a Ti homebrewed chainring.

I am not the tallest person and now 100mm's of travel is the standard for XC 29R bikes. This standard added just enough height to a mtb that I can not run a suspended 29R. Well I have been selling these 650b bikes over the years but never owned one. Now I do and will have an even better opinion of the platform.

Here are some shots of the frame and the complete bike.

650b geared 1x10.  This is actually a bike I made for myself to get a better opinion on the 650b.  Currently with my vertically challenged height the new 100mm suspension forks make 29r's a bit tall.  I am fine with the rigid single speed and older 80mm travel but the 100mm height was just too tall.  </p>

This head tube detail is the only bit of paint on the bike.  The grooves of the head tube are filled with a bit of paint to accent the head set and fork accents.

You can see the logo in the seat stays.  We will experiment with  a few more ideas but all in all this is the finish that it will be.

I had plans to attend the Phillies game tonight but there is hail in the forecast so we are going to skip it for Jack's sake.

Cheers and everyone locally enjoy the race this weekend,