Where does the time go???

Man have I dropped the ball on the blogging thing. For those that might actually read this I assume you have all but given up on me. Luckily the website is so well designed (thanks Nick) it also includes the Flickr site which I am rather consistent about.

Since it has been a good while I am not sure where to begin. Went to a few Phillies games. One was with Jack and he got his certificate for his first Phillies game (which they won 14-1 against the Braves!).

I have been very busy since the cycling season is in full swing and I had 2 stainless bikes almost back to back which makes for some long builds. This week I am getting the forks done for them. Originally the plan was to get some special fork legs from KVA and make it stainless. That plan has been taking way too long so it has been scratched. In general, dealing with all the companies that produce stainless has proven to be very difficult. A big problem is on the builders because we (even as a total collective) do not use enough product to justify the time invested in the production.

I am currently building the cross bikes for the 2011 season. One of them is going to Eurobike and will be in the Enve booth. The time bomb is seriously ticking on that one!

Here are some photos from what probably feels like last year since my last post:

Actual wheel check

Steve's road bike.

150 grit and scotch brite.

BB welds

Tire clearance check

Thanks for reading,