Basement Baseball

I am not giving up on the Phillies but last night was the first time I actually said I would have been better off not listening (I don't have cable so I listen to games on the radio) to that game. Having an overpaid closer blow what was probably the most important game of the season was so painful!

That is the extent of my ranting. I really enjoy baseball and will still hope this weekend they can actually win at least one game of the three against the Braves. The weekend brings bottom of the rotation pitching but the return of Ryan Howard. I am sure he is no all star but still good for moral in the dug out.

Now onto bicycles. I am working on David's 29R which will be replacing a true piece of history in the mtb world. A purple/purple faded Klein (from Washington state) with mission control stem/handlebar, integrated BB, painted to match Mag21 and so many other original things. It is a tall order to hope that he enjoys this bike as much but I am hoping for just that. I documented a good bit of the construction so far on this bike. Not sure why other than I like to share my hard work with other people that seem to be trying to make it as a framebuilder. Here are some random shots of the process.

After cutting the stays

Load in the chainstay fixture

Mark the trim

After rough cut

Mark the spot for the simple

We also packed up Tyler's bike to send off to Austin. Here is a snap shot before taking it apart and putting it in two boxes (yes two just for the sake of safety).

Off to Austin

Hope everyone has a great weekend and has a way of avoiding the heat.