Cross happenings

Well it is that time of year where I re-direct my thought process for all things cross. This has been an interesting year since the often and never ending debate of technology is at the forefront. Disc brakes or not disk brakes?? I say disk brakes. They are just better. They will get more popular, 135mm spacing is better, they quick release with no needed undoing of a brake caliper, did I mention they work better?

I just feel that any bike made today should be prepared for this in the future. I do not however advocate the making of a bike with both canti studs and disk tabs. What is the point, just do it all or nothing. We are going to give the TRP Parabox a go with Kirk's 1sp cross bike that I am building now. That should be exciting. I think it is worth the effort to get the hydro brakes. Next up is not one but two beta ti cross bikes. One more of an all rounder and one a full on race bike. Should be fun.

I had some fellow cyclist contact me about making a video. They are trying to get a job and this video was essentially they application to get the work. They came in the shop for about 2 days and barely got in my way. It was a fun experience and I think the cinematography is great considering the conditions and time they had to work with. Today it appears the video hit 1,000 views! Check it out:

Engin Cycles from 2the9's web Productions on Vimeo.

Here is a shot of Kirk's bike which I am going to finish up this weekend.



Phillies had a successful road trip but had to end it on a bad note. No ranting about the managing or the bull pen (which is a result of poor managing). I will just enjoy when they win and keep hope alive.