Mid year update

This month I am working on a bunch of cross bikes. Two of these bikes are titanium and part of my beta program of getting the titanium bikes where I want before offering to the general public. The one thing that I am more focused on is the drop outs. The current bikes have been using stock drop outs which I have not been happy with. The final product will have a drop out that is made to my specifics. This takes time (more time than I anticipated) and all the bikes I offer to customers will have the new drop outs. Something I feel is worth waiting for. I would hate to deliver something that will be outdated in no more than a month.

The finish on the ti bikes is getting figured out as well. The decals will be two tone etching and the frame itself will be a nice soft gray color. I opted out of the brushed finish mostly because it is an awful task and I have no interest in doing it. I wear a respirator enough as it is. With a little luck I will have some nice bikes ready in time for the Denver NAHBS!

It is official I am signed up for NAHBS this year. Last year was the first one I skipped. As much as it was a needed thing for me to get my house done I missed hanging out with my friends and wish I had attended Sacramento. Oh well it just got me more ready for this year (or next depending on how you look at it).

Here are some photos of Steve's ti cross bike. It is little like him and I hope he races the crap out of it in the New England cross scene. I believe its madden voyage will be D2R2 so the pressure is on to get it done!

Looking like a ride-able object.

Seat stays

Plenty of cross tire clearance

Lots o rake

Will the Phillies win tonight?? What a terrible year of baseball for Philadelphia.