I have been horrible about posting to the blog! I have on the other hand embraced Facebook for how easy it is to use. The blog suffered but if anyone is connected (via the social network) they see I have been doing updates. It has been mostly titanium which makes me really happy.

Titanium allows me to get bikes done faster and also allows me to do a bicycle from start to finish. Speaking of finish the next step is a vinyl plotter. It has been ordered and all the masking will be printed here. On top of that the bikes will get the option of decals in some colors (although the colors mean stickers). One of those colors will be LIME GREEN! Riding the bandwagon of the running world I love the bright neon like colors!

We have some new features hitting the website and it was the start of me not posting here. I kept thinking it was not worth the effort since the new site will get put up (this is not any pressure Nick). It will happen soon and it will include a new menu for putting a deposit down and buy some small merchandise.

Anyway if you are curious what I have been up to click on the Facebook link below and see some random words.

Thanks for reading.


ps- The Phillies stink which is a total bummer!