Clean Slate

Still no baby but I might get Shawn's bike done so I can leave the shop with a clean slate.

After waiting a few days and doing odds and ends in the shop I decided the baby has a different agenda and was not in any rush. Got Shawn's bike welded and now will do the braze-ons and drop-outs today. In a perfect world I will finish the bike and leave the shop for my mini maternity leave with a clean slate. It will be nice if I even have time to clean the shop so I can return to no loose ends and a shop ready to get rolling again. Here are some photos of Shawn's bike.

should finish it up tomorrow (unless the baby comes...)

BB welds

HT welds

Nothing like welding .6mm stays!

Photos of Shawn's stem and post as well.

Shawn's stem 115mm 0 rise

simple 2 point lug

simple 2 point lug

Cheers and have a nice weekend,