The waiting game...

No baby still. Due date came and went this weekend.

We are hoping things will all happen naturally but after 10 days it will fall in the hands of the doctors. It is difficult for both Andrea and I since we are hesitant to start something that might get interrupted and put on the back burner. I have Shawn's bike completely fixtured and would love to start welding it but don't want to get a phone call mid way and walk away. I still might go for it since it could literally be days which I don't want to waste. Here are some pictures of Shawn's bike awaiting me to clean the tubes and prep them for welding.

Shawn's geared 29R

2.55" tire clearance for Michaux

Seat tube insert

This past weekend was also D2R2 which to me looks like a great event and hopefully next year will attend. Lucky for me the baby did not arrive on the day of the event so in the future I will avoid it being a birthday weekend!

Cheers and again if there is a downtime it is because my baby is born.