Clean Slate

I am taking a small vacation in mid August and wanted to leave with nothing in the works. I have finished all the in process bikes and have held off on starting the next one. I have a replacement fork to build for an unfortunate drive thru overpass mishap and will include a stem and seat post during that work. Maybe if time permits I will make a couple small tools I have had on my mind.

It will be nice to return to a clean shop (it will be very clean) and a clean slate. It also feels good to have the cross bikes done. The last one which was for Enve Composites was a real time crunch. Still not done with that but all should be good.

I got myself a small treat this past week in a new 6" calipers. I do not like digital calipers so it was a brand new 6" Starrett 102A calipers. Good USA product that should last as long as my old Mitutoyo calipers which have been going a good long time.

Some photos from the week.

Old and New

Lugged fork crown before lots of work.

Lugged 29R fork

Stainless drop outs

Macro shot

Reaming and facing a HT on the lathe

Have a great weekend and GO PHILLIES!!!!!!