I got a call from Enve Composites about 3 weeks ago saying they made a last minute decision to attend Eurobike and wanted to know if I could get them a bike by August 15th. Well I knew this would be a very difficult deadline to meet but said yes. I had just called in a favor with Todd on a warranty paint job so had my doubts but this bike was delivered to Todd last Friday and was back yesterday!

I (we really since Ed got it started and then I took over) wasted no time and assembled it then shipped it out today. Enve technically wanted the bike Monday but I sent it 3 day and they will receive it Tuesday. It is not the fastest I have got a project done but it is real close. If not for the amazing fast work Todd did it would never have happened. Thanks Todd.

I tried to keep the theme of the bike US of A manufacturing. It has a nice collection of stuff. King headset and hubs, White Industries crankset, Paul Components brakes, Enve fork, rims and handlebars and lastly is all the stuff I made which is the frame, stem and seatpost top. So it's not totally US made but as much as I could get. If anyone that reads this blog is in Europe make sure to attend Eurobike and check out the Enve Composites booth.

The wheels are already at Enve so complete photos will not happen til the bike returns from Germany. Here is the bike just before getting packed.

Off to Germany for Eurobike

Front end




Next week I am taking some much needed time off so everyone have a great week.