After an interesting week off (which was mostly consumed by being rear ended in upstate NJ) it is back to the bench. I have some cool bikes coming up and also Todd had been getting some very nice bikes back from paint. Tuesday however had a highlight of a different kind. I really enjoy baseball and luckily most of my friends know this. My webmaster Nick had some tickets and knew he would not use them. His brother Chuck (the photographer of the site) was now the new owner of the tickets. Well lucky for me and unlucky for Chuck he could not use them. Next in line was myself and Ed. Thanks guys it was a great game and the weather could not get any better!

Vance Worley had a rough go of it last time he played the Mets and the start of this game gave one the impression it would be a repeat. Bases loaded both the first and second inning and something close to 40 pitches in 2 innings. He did however got out of both jams and almost pitched 7 shut out innings. Plus since he is in the real mans league (that is the National League) he had 2 hits! Great game with everything someone would want except for the poor closer that just could not get it done. Stutes has had a rough go of it lately.

Next post will have some bike content but this was mostly dedicated to Nick for the tickets and the Phillies for a quality game.