Shop Expansion

The shop building is rather large. There was an ability to create an area that would house Engin Cycles world headquarters and up went a wall. At first when the wall was done it seemed like a crazy amount of space and hard to believe I would exceed what it offered. Then came my 2nd Bridgeport and it got a bit tighter. Then came the Monarch and it felt tighter yet. Then the 3rd DiAcro and it really started to get tight. The Cincinnati was the last item to get installed and at that point it was obvious the shop was too small. The issue is heating such a large space. Without the wall up there is no hope in heating the facility without heating the entire facility which is a crazy idea.

This late summer/fall the wall comes down and an expansion will begin. Two new walls, a barn door for allowing in and out of machines, racks for tubing storage, AC unit in a dedicated opening in the wall, double doors for entry and not opening the sliding door and a few other cool features. It will open up the floor plan and allow for a great flow. Things like the tube roller will get set-up on a pedestal and the bandsaw will be in a location to maximize the ability of it with large stock. The new walls will get sheet rock and bright white paint which will also be a nice touch.

This week I am making Steve's Ti cross bike. I have the fork, stem and post all set and need to clean the tubes so I can weld the frame. Should be off to Todd for a finish next week. Then onto another Ti cross bike and then a Ti mtb while I wait for Ryan to return from out west so we can get his cross bike going.

Some shots from the week:

Looking like a ride-able object.

Lots o rake

Fusion pass

Steve's stem and post.

Went to a Phillies game last night. They stink this year and will probably stink next year as well but I still enjoy the heck out of the game and will always be a fan. Here is a view from our seats last night:

New Right Fielder at bat