It's a boy!!!

Andrea and I went for the surprise ending and his name is Jack Patrick Guldalian.

Born August 31, 2010 at 9:04pm.

Here are some photos about 2 hours after birth.

2 hours after birth

2 hours after birth

2 hours after birth

2 hours after birth

I will be taking some time off to get settled at home and watch this little bugger grow at an insane rate.



Totally worth the wait. Enjoy your time off as you certainly deserve it.

Congrats, Drew. He's a handsome little fella. You'll be a great dad.

Congrats to you and your wife Drew! You're a lucky new dad and you're about to have your hands really full for the next few months. Get sleep when you can and take a well deserved rest whenever possible!

Congrats to Mom and you...take your time and watch him well, they grow like crazy. My wife and I are due first week in October...she understands that is the "season" and that I will be MIA weekend I have that going for me....
Get some sleep...and enjoy your family.