P.B.P. 2011

I had a goal of doing PBP 2011 but have a strong suspicion that it will not be reached. What is the next best thing??

Having someone ride a bike that you made with PBP in mind. I am excited to be starting the bikes for NAHBS soon and one of them will be a road bike that is for all conditions and terrain. It will be a full fendered dirt road style road bike with generator lights and all the great extras that go along with long distance brevets. I am currently working on a 29R then another 29R for a gentleman returning from Afghanistan and then onto the NAHBS bikes. This year the NAHBS bikes are exciting since I am good friends with 3 of the people and they were kind enough to wait out my queue and also be kind enough to allow me to display their bikes.

Got a new fixture today and wanted to give props to one of my personal favorites in the bicycle industry. Jeff Buchholz is a good friend and a killer tool maker. His stuff is always made to last and take a beating. Here is my new main tube mitering fixture. It is super clever and should speed up my main tube mitering by around 15 minutes per bike (maybe even faster once I am use to the system).

Sputnik mitering fixture

Sputnik mitering fixture

Next post will have to be about my new favorite little fellow Jack. He is growing at an insane rate and I look forward to each day with him.