Are you a grunge fan??

The New York Times has a Friday quiz. This week it is a test to see how good your grunge music stupid fact knowledge is. Here is a link to the test:

I apparently am a grunge fan!! Yes it might be a generational thing but it was not hard for me to get most of the answers. I was not very good at the producer questions but other than that I was getting them right.

It was a slight walk down memory lane. I was also however a big fan of the L.A. scene since I was a big Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. Blood Sugar Sex Magic is in my opinion the best album of 1990 (or was it 1991?). Either way that album got a lot of play in my apartment.

Off the music and onto bicycles. Here is a nice fall themed paint scheme that is not black or white! Mark wanted a bike that was not flashy with logos and orange like the Eddy Merckx bikes from his Molteni days. I think it turned out nice.

Mark's cross bikeMark's cross bike

Front viewFront view

Stainless drops outsStainless drops outs

Paul canti'sPaul canti's

Integrated Seat Post (ISP)Integrated Seat Post (ISP)

Greg's bike is done and off to paint. There a few bikes there but the next 2 to return are the 953 bikes which always look rather slick once finished.

Have a great weekend and lets hope the Phillies can pull it together.



17 out of 19 and I dont even like that period of music much either. I got the TAD and Butch Vig one wrong. I knew Vig did all those albums except for L7. Too easy...

The audio was not working for our quiz so those two questions were a forfeit. Some of those multi answer questions felt like trick questions.