Are you a grunge fan??

The New York Times has a Friday quiz. This week it is a test to see how good your grunge music stupid fact knowledge is. Here is a link to the test:

I apparently am a grunge fan!! Yes it might be a generational thing but it was not hard for me to get most of the answers. I was not very good at the producer questions but other than that I was getting them right.

It was a slight walk down memory lane. I was also however a big fan of the L.A. scene since I was a big Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. Blood Sugar Sex Magic is in my opinion the best album of 1990 (or was it 1991?). Either way that album got a lot of play in my apartment.

Off the music and onto bicycles. Here is a nice fall themed paint scheme that is not black or white! Mark wanted a bike that was not flashy with logos and orange like the Eddy Merckx bikes from his Molteni days. I think it turned out nice.

Mark's cross bike

Front view

Stainless drops outs

Paul canti's

Integrated Seat Post (ISP)

Greg's bike is done and off to paint. There a few bikes there but the next 2 to return are the 953 bikes which always look rather slick once finished.

Have a great weekend and lets hope the Phillies can pull it together.



17 out of 19 and I dont even like that period of music much either. I got the TAD and Butch Vig one wrong. I knew Vig did all those albums except for L7. Too easy...

The audio was not working for our quiz so those two questions were a forfeit. Some of those multi answer questions felt like trick questions.