Cross Season

Since when did cross become a summer sport!!! I hardly consider myself a person stuck in the good old days but this early season cross racing seems crazy. I remember when Labor Day was when you stopped riding your road bike and switched to only riding your cross bike. We called it N.B.C. (Nothing But Cross). Corny but was something we all looked forward to. Now the race season begins the weekend after labor day!

Just in the nick of time Chris will be getting his cross bike. Each year I feel I am on top of all the cross bikes and will have them done with plenty of time to spare but each year they make the schedule earlier and earlier. This bike will get assembled tomorrow and raced Saturday. Nothing like a race to see if you did a good job assembling a bike. White sure is a popular color now. Seems all the bikes are white and black recently. Luckily the next bike is about as orange as one could ever imagine.

Just in time for cross!


Headtube with style

I have also been working on the Di2 wiring and feel this rear der. loop is cool. Clean and still gives the impression of an actual rear der. cable (which I think is a good thing).

Rear Der. routing

Keep dry and have a great weekend.


PS- this was not a rant but an observation.