Need for speed

There is a type of person who always finds excitement in taking things to the limit. This is a personality trait that is hard to keep at bay. This bike is made for someone that wants to take it to the extreme limit. I suspect this bike could get many people in trouble by allowing speeds that are clearly out of control but (a) you either don't realize it or (b) you actually don't care and wanted to go that fast. I look forward to hearing about all-day epic journeys which included a 1 hour downhill.

Already got a test ride!

This bike is getting the Di2 which I think is amazing. It is one of the rare times I feel it is worth getting the first version of something. Di2 is new and will probably change over time but man is it amazing. I am now working on the wiring and making sure it is all well hidden.

Time to figure the cleanest wire system

Here is Martin's bike after welding. I am excited about this bike as it is my first bike with the Rocker drop outs and the Rohloff hub. I think it will be a great bike and should be right at home in Queens, NY.

HT welds

BB cluster

Seat tube welds

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.