Where to start??

Sorry for the absence. It has been crazy recently. I successfully took a few days off with the family and we went to the Shenandoah National Park. It was a short trip but very much welcome and the park has a great history and was really cool. We lucked out and missed all the foul weather. Next chunk of big news is the family is expanding. We are expecting another child at the end of Feb. which should make both NABHS and its preparation rather crazy!

I will give a brief list of the things that need to get done which is beyond the standard duties:

Expand Shop which includes running some more electric and lighting
Make a few new fixtures to finalize the ti bikes
Paint the 3rd floor of my house well before the baby arrives
Work on the super extra special secret project for NAHBS

OK that is enough before I get overwhelmed. Many of the projects will get done but it is expected that a few will get sidelined. We will see.

I am fortunate to have some great customers but one in particular has been super patient. Carl's commuter bike has been done a while but there are delays at paint so it sat for a while. It has returned and we got right to the extra hard built. The bike has rigid fenders, racks, dynamo with some hidden wires and a few other items that make for a labor intensive assembly. Saturday was the day of fenders and dynamo wiring. Next week the bike part of the assembly will get finished. Here is a snap shot of the half done product:

Civil War reenactment

Dynamo front hub wire in the fork leg.

Tail light wire into the rack.

I also welded Shawn's Ti geared bike and should finish that up on Monday.

Time for seat stays

One over the other

BB welds

And last is Steve's ti cross bike. This assembly will also get completed next week. Should look slick when done:

Time for assembly

Stainless head badge on the Ti head tube

Thanks for reading and hope everyone had a great labor day weekend (I know that was last week).