Austin, Texas

Hard to believe I am already working on the bikes for NAHBS!

Last year with the comfort of having NAHBS in Richmond,Virgina I seemed to time everything a bit too close. This year I am trying to get all the bikes done earlier so there are no rush jobs with Todd. I can put a lot of pressure on him and I would like to avoid that.

This year we are back to using freight since driving to Austin seems like it will be a major hassle. It would take 2 people 4 extra days plus the expense of renting a truck and putting long miles on it. That will be about the same as freight but will limit the size of the container. Last year the booth was enormous and required a 20ft box truck. The extra cushion I am hopefully making will allow the design of a new booth that is easier to ship.

I am very much looking forward to Austin and hear nothing but great things about the town. This weekend is the local show that should really get everyone in the mood. I think it will have huge crowds and might be the biggest one yet.

Here is the first of 5 (well 4 and a tandem so is that 6?) bikes I am taking to the show. It is a 29R that has a bunch of new stuff and I think is super cool. It will have a tapered steerer fork, pressfit 30 BB, 12mm thru axle rear w/142mm spacing and dedicated 1x10 gearing. I have known Joey for about 12 maybe even 14 years and am really excited to be building him a bike. He resides in Colorado now so the bike will get some quality punishment. Some photos:

Joey's 29R with all the new stuff.


More welding

Some more welding

Cool looking bike.