My mom and many people from her generation call them bicycles built for two. Today I started making a bicycle built for two!

Making tandems can be a time sink but if you have the correct tooling the process moves along at a much better pace. I don't build a lot of tandems (about 1 a year) but if the popularity picked up I would need to streamline my process.

Well I decided to beat the rush and make the stuff I needed to speed up the process. Mitering equipment that is for my Sputnik mitering system, tandem attachment addition for my jig (that was a big project) and a few other little items that will work along the way. I worked all this machine work in on some Saturday's and this past week. The end result is a great fixture and the start of my personal new tandem.

Andrea and I are struggling for spare time now with the new bugger at home so I thought having a tandem will help us to get out for rides in the spring. The bike will be a sport touring tandem with couplers that allows it to split in have for easier packing. It will not fit in the S&S case but will fit in a standard bike box. That is good enough since we don't travel much with our bikes.

The bike will be on display in its current state at the Philadelphia Expo and will be at Austin as a complete bike. I think it will be a cool bike. Here are a few shots of the new fixture and the start of the tandem.

100% done tandem addition

Set for Andrea and my tandem!!!

Moving along.

Next post will have paint in it I promise!