About 1 month ago the bike shop's POS (Point Of Sale) which really is an acronym for three other words decided it would stop working. This is the 3rd time this year the CPU crapped out except this time it was on a Saturday. This means we can not accept credit cards which is kind of an issue. What started as a CPU replacement quickly snowballed into a complete system revamp when it became apparent that nothing made 7 years ago is compatible with something made today. Just Wed. morning we got the entire system back up and running. That is an insane amount of time. I thought bicycles had a strong hold of their customers but these computer companies are even worse.

The one feature that seems to be the selling point for me is the much higher level of security. After being burned this past year on a stolen credit card we welcome a higher level of security. I have spent countless hours on the phone dealing with all these companies and trying to get the system back up and running. My point is when I go into my shop which is running on one major form of technology (electricity) I appreciate the manual machines and wonder how frustrating it must be running a shop that is mostly computer controlled. As much as I want a 3 axis CNC machine this experience has reduced my desire.

Continuing on the theme of white and black bikes here is Christian's 953 bike which has a rather cool stealth look. Even the parts are completely free of color.

Full XTR

Stealth look

Seat lug

Stainless drop outs

The next bike up goes back to the only other color of orange and then it is right back to more black and white bikes. Crazy how trends go, although I do agree it's a good look.

I will keep from talking about the Phillies until the next post as it will keep me from making any predictions. All I hope is the season does not end tomorrow!