A New Era

So it begins. We will call it a soft opening. I am taking orders for titanium bicycles and am now fulfilling orders for people that were in the queue and opted to wait til I was ready to offer titanium. The single speed bikes are now official since I have received my order for the Paragon rockers made to my wanted spec. The geared bicycles are waiting for my new drop outs which will hopefully go into production at the weeks end.

With the new drop outs in hand and a list of folks that have been very patient I have started Dmitri's new single speed. After that is Philip who has also been super patient. I got some work done on Dmitri's bike and the new drop outs made a great difference. Sometimes more is better. Here it is true. I had the drop outs made thicker to add some stiffness.

Rockers made to my spec

Lots of tire clearance and a bit extra heel/crank clearance for 180mm cranks:

Rear stays.

Rear stays.

Front end:

Large 29R

Head tube:

Head tube after some serious machine time

I am keeping the new drop outs under wraps til they are done but trust me they are cool and super slick.

Phillies season is over and I am kind of glad. They started to make me upset. Hopefully 2013 will be a better year. Now I will route for the Giants (San Francisco not NY).